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Educating Girls Matters is an online resource created by Speaking Matters LLC, a New York-based speakers bureau.

In 2004, after spending more than twenty years in communications, marketing and research, C.J. Lonoff created Speaking Matters, an agency that represents a select group of speakers who inspire social action, share stories of transformation, encourage thoughtful introspection, and ignite personal and societal change. Through her work at Speaking Matters, C.J. encounters myriad and diverse agencies, associations and individuals working for positive change in the world.

The recent news and initiatives around the issue of girls' education inspired C.J. to action. The facts are difficult to ignore: Two-thirds of the world's illiterate children are girls, and girls and women continue to suffer from a lack of economic opportunity, inadequate health care and education, early marriage, sexual violence, and discrimination. Girls' education is a proven path to a different future.

By launching "Educating Girls Matters," CJ is providing a resource to anyone interested in learning more about the challenge, spreading the word about a vital concern, or donating to a worthy cause.

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